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Bourbon deLuxe bottled in the 1970s

Bourbon deLuxe bottled in the 1970s


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•    Produced in the 1970s
•    Bottled in bond
•    Collectable
•    ABV 43%, 75cl


Bourbon deLuxe is a bourbon whisky brand owned by Beam Global, the parent company of Jim Beam. They still make a bourbon whisky under this label.

This example, however, was produced in the 1970s when Bourbon deLuxe was owned by National Distillers. It was bottled in bond (bourbon whisky must meet certain, specific criteria before it can be labelled as “bottled in bond”) in the 1970s and is 86 proof (ABV 43%).

Jim Beam bought the Bourbon deLuxe brand along with Old Grand Dad, Old Crow and Old Taylor in 1987.

This would make a good addition to any collection. For the drinker, though, it has a corn taste with caramel and wood tones.

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