Campaign to celebrate being bold launched by Jim Beam

Jim Beam launches Bold Choices campaignJim Beam has launched a new ad campaign called “Bold Choices”. The campaign will run throughout the year and will include the launch of a new bourbon whisky, according to the distillery.

This is one of those subtle advertising campaigns designed to appeal our romantic side while massaging our egos. Jim Beam says it is celebrating those who throw caution to the wind and have the confidence to live boldly.

It should not be overlooked that Jim Beam is running this campaign during tough economic times, clearly setting out thise view of the way forward, i.e. by making bold choices.

The campaign will be in print, on television and online, including on Jim Beam’s Facebook site. The television ad, released this week, features Hollywood actor Willem Dafoe. In black and white, it features Dafoe reflecting on the choices he could have made in life. These choices would have seen him become a sumo wrestler, trapeze artist, chess player or fashion designer.

During the ad, which you can view below, Dafoe says: “All choices lead you somewhere. Bold Choices take you where you’re supposed to be.”


As part of the campaign launch, Jim Beam also released survey results highlighting what it thinks are bold choices made by American men. For example, it says 44% of men have dated a work colleague and 80% have grown a moustache at some point in their lives.

Bold Choices is definitely aimed at men and a particular American way of thinking (for example, a town called Spokane was named by Jim Beam as the boldest in America because, among other things, 26% of its male population have arm wrestled a stranger). It is a cool ad though, and we are looking forward to the new bourbon whisky release.

Rob Mason, a director at Jim Beam, said in an “era of cautiousness” examples of boldness can be hard to find.

“From tattooing a girlfriend’s name on your back, to joining the military – the bold choices we make may be difficult or unexpected but they ultimately define who we are,” he said.


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