Brown-Forman launches new bourbon whisky

Early Times 354 bourbon whisky released in the USA new bourbon whisky with a famous brand name has been released in the US. Early Times 354 is from Brown-Forman, the company behind Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whisky, Woodford Reserve and Old Forester.
Early Times was first produced in 1860 at a place called Early Times Station in Kentucky. During the prohibition years, Early Times was one of the few whiskies licensed for medical use – it can therefore claim to be in continuous production since its inception.
Brown-Forman bought Early Times in 1923. By the early 1950s it had become the best-selling bourbon whisky in the world and claimed to be “the whisky that made Kentucky whiskies famous”.

In 1983 Brown-Forman changed the production process in order to achieve the taste they wanted, i.e. super smooth and mellow. They started to blend whisky from new barrels as well as used. As bourbon whisky must come exclusively from new barrels, Early Times could no longer use the description – it became Early Times Kentucky Whisky.
It has sold well but Brown-Forman has now gone back to their roots with Early Times 354, a bourbon whisky. The 354 part of the name refers to the number of the government permit allowing the distillery to make alcoholic drinks.
Chris Morris, Brown-Forman master distiller, said: “Early Times 354 bourbon takes as a part of its name the distillery’s famous permit number - 354. This is the longest held operating permit in Kentucky. Everything about Early Times 354 supports the brand’s historic past and reputation for great taste.”
Early Times 354 is a value range bourbon whisky that aims to take on products like Jim Beam White Label and Buffalo Trace and is bottled at ABV 40%. It is not currently available in the UK - check back with Bourbon Whisky for more news on local availability.

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