Women and Whisky - the Jack Daniel's way

Jack Daniel's targets women with its Spice the Cookies campaignJack Daniel’s is looking to beat the economic downturn by targeting new markets – women. Now, before all the female whisky lovers start berating us – we at Bourbon Whisky know women have been drinking whisky since before the young advertising executives at Jack Daniel’s were even born. Women drinking whisky is nothing new, but the efforts of Jack Daniel’s are worth discussing because of their prominence.

Jack Daniel’s calls the campaign Spike the Cookies. It is run on their hugely popular Facebook page. This is the most obvious example of the importance of women to Jack Daniel’s – Spike the Cookies dominates their Facebook page.
It is all about encouraging women to do a Tubberware/Avon/Ann Summers/palm reading evening, but with Jack Daniel’s. You know the thing – women invite all their friends – and friends of friends – banish the men, and indulge in the theme, i.e. Tubberware, Avon, Ann Summers, palm reading etc, etc.
The Jack Daniel’s Spice the Cookies events are about baking and cocktails. Jack Daniel’s provides the recipes and the encouragement. The women organise the events, bring the whisky, and have the fun.
Jack Daniel’s is obviously trying to position itself as the natural choice for a girls’ night in for the sophisticated modern woman. However, encouraging women to bake – so the men have something to eat when the women get finished with their socialising – has more than a whiff of whisky’s macho reputation. That cynicism aside, Jack Daniel’s does seem to have tapped into a growing market.
Their campaign is obviously popular, and there is growing evidence of a resurgence of whisky drinking among women. “Women and whisky” events, for example, have been popular in the US for the past couple of years. Some of these tasting events have as many as 100 women participating. Also, whisky cocktails are very popular with women in many UK bars.
What should really matter is taste, not the gender of the drinker. If that is the deciding factor, the male-orientated image of whisky should – and will – become less dominating as more women make the choice. That can only be a good thing.

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