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Bourbon whisky helps Stella win The Apprentice

The final of the Apprentice involved the winner, Stella, designing and marketing a bourbon whisky drinkThe task on the final of The Apprentice 2010 involved the two remaining candidates creating a new alcoholic drink. It was Chris versus Stella. Chris based his drink on white rum. Stella based hers on bourbon whisky. Stella won.

The drink Stella made was not received well however. It was bourbon with honey, orange zest and mixed spices. The rookie error in making a drink like this would be to add too many spices, and that was exactly what they did.

The bottle, despite the verdicts on the show, was nice. Its shape was similar to Eagle Rare. The brand name ran vertical and embossed up the side. It was Urbon, a play on the words bourbon and urban.

The drink Urbon was up against was called Prism made with light rum, pomegranate and mixed spices. The biggest problem was it was pink and they then tried to argue that men would be happy to drink it. That was stupid but the bottle was fantastic (shaped like a prism) and would be worth £4 or £5 to try in bar…try a sip of your girlfriend’s, that is.

We at Bourbon Whisky are not generally fans of mixing anything with our bourbon whisky at the bottling stage so would probably not be too fussed on Urbon – we will mix our bourbon whisky with whatever we choose. It was good, however, to see bourbon whisky play such a central role in one of the most popular programmes on television at the moment.

The reason it was included is not difficult to understand, however. In fact, it was mentioned as part of the show. Sales of bourbon whisky, particularly premium brands, are increasing. It is a “growth sector”. Lord Sugar and the BBC producers know how to follow the trends.


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