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Organic bourbon whisky anyone?

Organic wheat field that would be needed to make organic bourbon whisky.A distillery in the US is trying to get an organic bourbon whisky to market. Garrison Brothers Distillery makes whisky from corn, rye, wheat and barley. It meets all the criteria for organic certification. However, the distillery reportedly needs $20,000 to get the proper paperwork in order before it can go on sale.

But would an organic bourbon whisky be successful? Would anyone buy it, either in the US or here in the UK?

There, in a few short sentences, are two problems Garrison Brothers face – they need a lot of cash to even get the product to market and once they do, there is no guarantee it will sell.

One other problem, for the record, is Garrison Brothers is in Texas. It is, in fact, the first legal whisky distillery in Texas. Bourbon, however, must be made in Kentucky according to the official definition.

But back to the topic at hand – organic bourbon. There are other spirits for sale that are organic. Rain Organic Vodka is made by Sazerac, the company behind the Buffalo Trace Distillery, one of the world’s biggest bourbon whisky producers.

Amy Preske, a spokeswoman for Buffalo Trace, told the Dallas Observer organic bourbon was not high on its priority list. She said people who buy organic food usually do not drink alcohol.

“I don’t know if (organic bourbon) would tap into the organic market because a lot of them don’t drink alcohol,” Ms Preske said.

Time will tell whether Garrison Brothers are innovators or are destined for a bourbon history footnote.


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