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William Larue Weller Bottled in 2008

William Larue Weller bourbon whisky bottled in 2008


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•    Highly regarded release of popular brand
•    Wheat recipe
•    Uncut
•    ABV 62.65%, 75cl


William Larue Weller is released once a year by Buffalo Trace as part of their antique collection. It is a small batch bourbon whisky so every vintage is a little bit different.

They all have some things in common. William Larue Weller is a wheated bourbon whisky, meaning the distillery uses wheat instead of rye in its base ingredients. It is also uncut so is bottled at the alcoholic strength at which it comes out of the barrel. For the 2008, that means an imposing ABV 62.65%.

That strength would usually ‘blow the socks off’ most people, so-to-speak. Not this though. A combination of the wheat-recipe (which produces smoother bourbon with less kick than rye variants) and the exceptional skill of the distillers (in maturing the whisky until it is just right) has produced stunning results. William Larue Weller 2008 is silky and eminently drinkable.

Buffalo Trace does not normally put an age statement on William Larue Weller, but we know the 2008 came from a batch that was aged for just over 11 years. More...

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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