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William Larue Weller Bottled 2007

William Larue Weller bourbon whisky bottled 2007


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•    2007 release of this premium brand
•    Barrel proof
•    Wheated bourbon whisky
•    ABV 58.95%, 75cl



William Larue Weller 2007 is an unfiltered, uncut, wheated bourbon whisky from Buffalo Trace. It is part of the distillery’s Antique Collection which is an annual release of its premium brands.

The 2007 is aged for at least seven years and is bottled at barrel proof ABV 58.95%. It is a small batch bourbon whisky made with a wheated recipe. This tradition goes back to the 1800s when pioneering distiller William Larue Weller started to use wheat instead of rye in his mashbill. He became famous and was tireless in promoting his method of making a smoother bourbon whisky.

As William Larue Weller 2007 is small batch and limited release, it is rare. The price is therefore firmly in the premium-range. However, the brand has a huge following among aficionados so if you can muster together the cash, you should not be disappointed. It is intense, rich and compelling -- add water to achieve the full effect. More...

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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