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Wild Turkey 10 Year Old Sherry Signature

Wild Turkey 10 Year Old Sherry Signature bourbon whisky


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•    Matured for 10 years
•    Aged in charred oak casks, finished in sherry casks
•    Blended with Oloroso sherry
•    ABV 43%, 100cl


Wild Turkey is an iconic brand of bourbon that embodies everything American whisky is supposed to be about -- pioneering, rebellious and independent to name a few. Combining sherry with it was regarded as an unusual choice for the distillery as most Wild Turkey drinkers generally do not look for sherry-like medicinal sweetness in their whisky.

In the tradition of Wild Turkey, they did it anyway, and did not compromise in the process. The bourbon used is selected from the distillery’s stock of whisky aged for 10 years (a reasonably long time) in the normal bourbon way, i.e. in new, charred oak barrels. It is then transferred to Spanish sherry casks to mature some more.

Then, before it is bottled, Oloroso sherry is added. Oloroso is Spanish for scented and is a variety of sherry that is smooth, naturally dry and strong.

Wild Turkey 10 Year Old Sherry Signature is the finished product. It was only made by Wild Turkey for export markets so was not sold in the US. It is not hugely popular -- we do not know anyone who regards it as their tipple-of-choice -- but it is unusual and was very carefully and painstakingly made. It is one to try, particularly if you are a Wild Turkey fan. More...

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Austin, Nichols Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA
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