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•    Single barrel
•    Refined and packed full of history
•    Will keep you pouring
•    ABV 47%, 75cl


Wathen’s is a single barrel bourbon whisky made at the Charles Medley Distillery. The bottle boasts it is part of a 250 year, eight generation bourbon whisky lineage.

The Medley and Wathen families are famous Kentucky distilling families. The distillery making Wathen’s today takes its name from the current master distiller Charles W Medley. His son, Samuel, helps run the distillery and represents the eighth generation. It all started, according to the distillery, with John Medley (who was born in 1767) and Hudson Wathen (who was born in 1727).

What about the bourbon, though? Wathen’s is made using a recipe that has been handed down through the eight generations. The distillery uses a copper doubling process and a mashbill of corn, rye and malted barley.

There is no age statement although Wathen’s is bottled from single barrels once it achieves the required standard. The result is a bourbon whisky that is complex and rich yet exceptionally smooth with a fantastic finish.

Wathen’s is a genuine premium bourbon whisky. It is a bottle that should be present in the cabinet of every serious enthusiast. More...

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Charles Medley Distillery, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
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