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W L Weller 12 Year Old

W L Weller 12 Year Old bourbon whisky


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•    Wheated bourbon
•    Aged for 12 years
•    Smooth and silky
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


W L Weller is a wheated bourbon whisky that has been aged for 12 years. The added wheat in the mashbill and the flavours drawn out of the oak barrels over 12 years produce a bourbon that is extra smooth and silky.

It is made by Buffalo Trace. In this 12 year old version, the distillery has delivered a bourbon whisky that is exceptionally easy to drink. At this price you will be hard pressed to find smoother or better quality.

It is named after William Larue Weller, a whisky distiller who lived in the 1800s. He is thought to have made the first wheated bourbon by using wheat instead of rye in the distilling process.

Bourbon whiskies that have been aged for 12 years are not common, particularly in this price range. W L Weller 12 Year Old would fit in any serious enthusiast’s repertoire and, as a little bonus, the bottle is beautiful. More...

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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