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Vintage Rye 23 Year Old

Vintage Rye 23 Year Old whiskey


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•    Aged for an incredible 23 years
•    Complex
•    Super-premium
•    ABV 47%, 75cl


Vintage Rye 23 Year Old is a rare and super-premium whisky from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. It is the type of whisky that can cause heart palpitations on sight and can bring quietness to the most persistent din when it is poured.

Okay, that might be going overboard with the romanticism, but this really is a good whisky.

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers select by hand the barrels that are used for Vintage Rye 23 Year Old. The whisky that went into those barrels was made using a traditional rye recipe that included at least 51% rye in the mash.

Over the 23 year maturation period, the oak from the new charred barrels adds flavours to the whisky. This will give a rye experience you are unlikely to have had before.

It will not be surprising this is rare. It is only produced in limited quantities and not all whisky can survive this long being aged. For an American whisky, the price is up there, but you get what you pay for. More...

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Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA
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