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Vintage Bourbon 23 Year Old bourbon whisky


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•    Impressively aged for 23 years
•    Unique
•    Bold choice
•    ABV 47%, 75cl


Vintage Bourbon 23 Year Old is a rare and unique whisky. It comes from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers.

For an American whisky, particularly bourbon, 23 years is an incredibly long time to be aged. The guys and girls at Kentucky Bourbon Distillers select the barrels for Vintage Bourbon 23 Year Old very carefully and by hand, as only the best whisky can withstand this maturing time and still be drinkable.

They also make a 17 year old version of the brand which is very well regarded. This 23 year old has more oak, but you would expect the barrel to have left its mark in some way. The oak does not dominate too much though and many other flavours, particularly fruit and spice, make their way through.

A quick note on the name -- this is not a “vintage” in the traditional meaning of the word, i.e. it is not the product of any specific year. It is rather a marriages of different barrels all of which spent 23 years in the barrelhouse.

Vintage Bourbon 23 Year Old is a bold choice. It is not cheap, and even if you have the money this maybe is not the best choice. That is, unless you are an experienced whisky drinker. In that case you should give it a try and add another notch to your belt. More...

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Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA
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