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Thomas H Handy Sazerac 2009

Thomas H Handy Sazerac 2009 whiskey


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•    Barrel proof straight rye whiskey
•    Uncut, unfiltered
•    Intense
•    ABV 64.5%, 75cl



Thomas H Handy Sazerac is an uncut and unfiltered straight rye whisky. It is part of the Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Antique Collection. A version is released once a year -- this is the release from 2009. They are all highly rated by critics and consistently win awards.

The 2009 release of Thomas H Handy Sazerac was distilled in 2002 so is about five years old. It is bottled at barrel proof, meaning ABV 64.5%.

This is a great example of an exceptionally made whisky in its raw form. Rye whisky can often be harsh, but Thomas H Handy Sazerac 2009 is not. It is, however, intense and complex, but you would expect nothing less of a special bottling of rye whisky. Buffalo Trace says if this was any crispier, “the glass would shatter”.

The bottle is designed in the minimalist style now familiar with the distillery's Antique Collection. The name comes from 19th century business man Thomas H Handy. In 1869 he bought the Sazerac Coffee House, a drinking establishment in New Orleans Louisiana famous for making a rye-based cocktail: The Sazerac. He started buying brands of alcohol and building the Sazerac company which today is one of the major producers of spirits in the USA -- the Buffalo Trace Distillery is one of the many distilleries Sazerac own.

As the months and years go on, each release of Thomas H Handy Sazerac becomes rarer and, therefore, more of a collectors’ item. More...

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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