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Rowan's Creek bourbon whisky


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•    Small batch
•    Aged for 12 years
•    Elegant
•    ABV 50.05%, 70cl



Rowan’s Creek is a small batch bourbon whisky that is aged for 12 years. It is made by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers as part of their Small Batch Collection. It is hand made and hand bottled at 100.1 proof (ABV 50.05%) in very small lots.

This is a medium-bodied bourbon that delivers a velvety fruit and spicy taste and a luxuriously long finish. For many enthusiasts, it is their preferred choice.

The name comes from a creek that runs through the distillery. The creek was named after an 18th century Kentucky judge and statesman, John Rowan. It is still used by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers for making whisky because of the pure limestone spring water it carries.

Rowan’s Creek has won a loyal and growing following by getting the most important thing right -- being a good bourbon whisky. Everything else -- the long aging process, the alcohol strength, the production -- is all geared toward that goal. We know all distillers do this, but Rowan’s Creek does it better than most. More...

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Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA
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