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Roughstock Montana Whiskey


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•    American single malt
•    From small “boutique” distillery
•    Handcrafted
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


Roughstock Montana Whiskey is a single malt whisky from a small distillery in south-western Montana. It is one of the few whiskies from smaller American distilleries to have made it to the UK. These boutique producers are becoming increasingly popular in the US.

Montana’s famous mountain ranges provide the water for Roughstock Montana Whiskey as the distillery uses freshwater streams fed by melted snow. Much of the American whisky industry uses barley from Montana and Roughstock is no exception. The whisky is distilled in a 250 gallon copper pot still.

The whole operation is done by hand with no automation. Roughstock Montana Whiskey is all about hand-making whisky using local ingredients in a traditional way. Each bottle, for example, has printed on it the batch number, bottle number, bottling date and the name of the person responsible for the bottling.

Roughstock is not aged for a set length of time -- it comes out of the barrel once the desired flavour has been achieved. It is a blended whisky so there is a consistency to the taste and quality. However, given the production methods -- particularly the fact the bottling is done in small batches -- subtle variations do exist making it even more alluring. More...

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Roughstock Montana Whiskey Distillery, Montana, USA
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