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Rittenhouse Straight Rye whiskey


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•    Straight rye whisky
•    Popular with aficionados
•    Classic whisky style that will give your favourite cocktail a new twist
•    ABV 40%, 70cl


Rittenhouse Straight Rye is the ABV 40%, four year old version of the highly regarded Rittenhouse range. It could be described as the entry-level Rittenhouse, but that does not do it the proper justice -- this is a superb whisky.

As it is a rye whisky it is made with a high rye content -- the ingredients must include at least 51% rye. It is a product of the Heaven Hill distillery who say they make it in the classic Pennsylvania style. Rye whiskies were once the dominant style in the US but have declined in popularity since their heyday in the early 1900s. Distilleries like Heaven Hill are introducing a new generation of drinkers to the style by making products like this more available.

Rittenhouse Straight Rye works great in cocktails. If you have not tried a rye whisky before you will be pleasantly surprised with the extra kick your favourite drink will have. Expect a rich flavour with extra spice. More...

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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