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Rittenhouse 21 Year Old

Rittenhouse 21 Year Old bourbon whisky


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•    Super-premium straight rye whiskey
•    Aged 21 Years
•    Unique and very rare
•    ABV 50%, 75cl


Rittenhouse is a super-premium rye whisky. This bottling has been aged for 21 years, a very long time for an American-style whiskey. To be called a rye whisky, the aging process has to last a minimum of two years – this puts the 21 years into some perspective.

Rye whisky is made using 51% rye in the mashbill. Generally speaking this gives the whisky a harder-edge. Typically it is also drier, spicier and grainier than bourbon. It has a smaller following than bourbon, but it is becoming more popular as more variety becomes available.

Rittenhouse 21 Year Old is distilled and bottled by Heaven Hill. The distillery says Rittenhouse is made in the tradition of a classic Pennsylvania rye. This refers to the whisky making industry in the early 1900s, around the time immediately before, during and after prohibition.

Today the description has more relevance in relation to taste. Rittenhouse 21 Year Old has a spicy sweetness that is mixed with oak flavours that are brought out by the length of time spent in the barrel.

It was made in limited quantities and is now considered a collectors’ item. This makes it pricey, but if you are a fan of rye whiskies, this is one that should be tried. More...

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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