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•    Premium straight rye whiskey
•    Light and easy drinking
•    Gives a new twist to old cocktails
•    ABV 46%, 75cl


(ri)1 is a premium, high strength, straight rye whisky from Jim Beam. It was launched in 2008 to target the increasingly fashionable high-end cocktail market. The launch press release said it was “a new take on cocktail couture”. The name is unusual -- it is pronounced “rye-one” -- and the bottle is very modern and minimalistic. So, there is a lot of fashion and trendiness about (ri)1. We do not know much about that side of things here at Bourbon Whisky – we are more interested in the liquor.

Rye whisky is distilled using a mashbill that is made up of at least 80% rye. Beam blends whiskies of various ages to get the desired taste for (ri)1, although the minimum age is 4 years. (ri)1 is bottled high at ABV  46%.

This is a lighter rye whisky than its competitors. (ri)1 has a soft spiciness and is easy to drink. It does work best in cocktails (there are more powerful and traditional rye whiskies available for the straight drinker) and will add a new twist to your favourite whiskey drinks. More...

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Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky, USA
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