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•    Wheated bourbon whisky
•    Iconic name
•    Easy drinking – just the way we like it
•    ABV 40%, 70cl


Rebel Yell is a wheated bourbon whisky. This means the mashbill contains wheat instead of rye. Wheated bourbons are typically smoother and softer than other types of whisky – this is true of Rebel Yell.

The fantastic name conjures images of cowboys, musicians and the great plains of the US. The Rebel Yell website says: “Inside all of us lies a free spirit urging to break free.” Rebel Yell as a brand of bourbon whisky was first used around 1950. The name actually comes from the US war of independence. Rebel Yell was the name of the battle cry used by confederate soldiers to scare the enemy during battle.

Rebel Yell bourbon whisky claims its origins go back to 1849 and the W.L Weller Company. Today the brand is owned and marketed by Luxco but the bourbon is distilled and bottled by Heaven Hill at the same distillery that wheat whiskey Bernheim Original is made.

Contrary to its image, Rebel Yell is a very conforming whisky. It is soft and mellow, the type of bourbon you could drink on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching the football. It also works great as a mixer -- in cocktails or with cola. More...

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Rebel Yell Distillery, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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