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Platte Valley 3 Year Old

Platte Valley 3 Year Old whisky


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•    Corn recipe
•    Old style American
•    From the oldest US distillery
•    ABV 40%, 75cl


Platte Valley is a corn whiskey that has been aged for 3 years. Corn is a traditional style of American whiskey. Not many distilleries make it anymore but a few keep the tradition alive.

Platte Valley is made by the McCormick Distilling Co. It is the oldest distillery in the US still operating from its original location -- in Weston, Missouri. Production began there in 1856 when the distillery was founded by brothers Ben and David Holladay.

Corn whisky must have at least 80% corn in the mashbill. Typically it is either not aged at all, or is aged for a very short period of time (as little as six months). This makes for a harsh and rough drink.

Platte Valley is much more refined than that, you will be glad to hear. It is produced to a traditional recipe but it is then aged for three years. The barrel adds flavour and colour.

Being a corn whisky, Platte Valley 3 Year Old is distinctive and if you have not tried this style of whiskey before, it should be on your “before I die” list. More...

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McCormick Distilling Co, Weston, Missouri, USA
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