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Old Forester Repeal 75th Anniversary

Old Forester bourbon whisky Repeal 75th Anniversary edition


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•    Celebrates the end of prohibition
•    Replica prohibition era bottle
•    Includes a glass and printing of the 21st amendment
•    ABV 50%, 37.5cl


Old Forester Repeal 75th Anniversary was released in 2009 to celebrate the end of prohibition. Prohibition was introduced in the US in 1919 and it banned the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol until it was ended in 1933.

Old Forester started as a brand of bourbon whisky in 1870. It is famous for being the first whisky to be sold in sealed bottles. It is also the only brand of bourbon still sold today that was distilled and bottled before, during and after prohibition. Old Forester can claim this as it was licensed by the US government during prohibition for medicinal use.

This is a 37.5cl bottle of high-strength, limited edition, small batch bourbon whisky. The bottle is a replica of that used by the distillery during the prohibition years.

It comes with a whisky tasting glass and a scroll printed with the 21st amendment. This is the US legislation ratified on 5 December 1933 that allowed alcohol to be bought and sold again. It is a wonderful collector’s item. More...

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Brown-Forman Distillers Company, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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