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Old Forester Decanter Bottled in the 1970s

Old Forester Decanter bourbon whisky bottled in the 1970s


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•    Decanter designed by Raymond Loewy
•    Bottled in the 1970s
•    Collectors’ item with rich heritage
•    ABV 43%, 75cl


This bourbon whisky bottle is another Old Forester collectors’ item. It is the specialty decanter released in 1969. This particular example was bottled in the 1970s.

Old Forester is a legendary bourbon distillery owned by the Brown-Forman company – the parent company of Jack Daniel’s. The founder of Brown-Forman was Kentucky man George Gavin Brown. He distilled whisky and was the first person to sell it in individually sealed bottles. Before Brown’s innovation, whisky was sold to retailers in barrels. The retailers bottled it themselves but Brown did not trust they were all doing this honestly, i.e. not watering down or otherwise diluting the product he took such care in producing. So he started selling bottled whisky so he could guarantee its quality.

This beautiful bottle is a holiday decanter designed by the famous French-born industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Loewy designed trains; logos for companies like Shell; packaging on products like Lucky Strike cigarettes; cars like the Studebaker; the livery on Air Force One; and interiors of Concorde and the Space Station. More...

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Brown-Forman Distillers Company, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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