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Old Fitzgerald 1849 8 Year Old

Old Fitzgerald 1849 8 Year Old bourbon whisky


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•    Made with a wheat recipe
•    Aged for 8 years
•    Sophisticated and smooth
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


Old Fitzgerald 1849 8 Year Old is a wheat recipe bourbon whisky that delivers a round and smooth experience loved by experts as well as us mere-mortals. It is aged for eight years in charred oak barrels, longer than most other brands in this price range.

Its taste is sophisticated and rich, perfect for sitting on the back porch on a warm Kentucky evening smoking a cigar and watching time go by.

The “1849” part of the name has an interesting story behind it. It refers to the date the W.L. Weller and Sons distillery was founded. Old Fitzgerald was a completely different brand and company and not originally related to W.L. Weller at all. As with most brands of bourbon, both W.L. Weller and Old Fitzgerald have been sold a number of times as the industry consolidated over time under the ownership of fewer, larger and often global companies.

At one stage in its history, W.L. Weller and Old Fitzgerald were owned by the same company. One of the bourbon whiskies produced was “Weller 1849” but it was decided “Old Fitzgerald” was a bigger brand so the name was changed to Old Fitzgerald 1849. Since then the W.L. Weller and Old Fitzgerald brands have been sold again. Today they are owned by different companies. Buffalo Trace owns W.L. Weller while Heaven Hill owns Old Fitzgerald.

So while the date 1849 has no relevance to the history of Old Fitzgerald, it is now an established brand and it appears unlikely Heaven Hill will change it. More...

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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