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•    Aged 15 years
•    Small batch
•    A complex character
•    ABV 57.15%, 75cl


Noah’s Mill is a strong bourbon whisky that is aged for a long time. It is produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers and they have not compromised with this one. The bourbon spends 15 years in the barrel before it is bottled. The bottling is done by hand at a not-to-be-underestimated-strength of ABV 57.15%.

It is part of the distillery’s small batch collection. While being full of character, it is also wonderfully smooth. The long time spent with the wood does leave its mark but it is not dominant. There is a comforting complexity about Noah’s Mill.

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers says it is bottled “at a strength that best compliments its age”. We at Bourbon Whisky like to take our drinks with as little distraction as possible – straight without ice, water or cola and don’t even bring the cocktail menu to the table. If we are honest, though, Noah’s Mill is better with a splash of water.

When toned down to taste, this is a superb premium bourbon whisky.

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Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA
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