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•    Powerful and rich
•    Carefully bottled at high strength
•    World famous
•    ABV 50.5%, 70cl





Wild Turkey 101 is one of the most famous and loved bourbon whiskies available to buy today. It is regarded as a high quality, low cost bourbon and is one of the best in that category.

The Wild Turkey Distillery says it believes in the traditions of bourbon whisky production and never cuts corners. Examples of this philosophy include the limestone filtered water used in the production. It is so pure the town of Lawrenceburg located its water plant on the distillery’s property. Other examples ate the grains, which have to meet stringent quality inspections. The yeast, meanwhile, remains a closely guarded secret that has been passed down through the generations.

Wild Turkey 101 is distilled at a lower proof than most other brands. Others distill at a higher proof because it is easier and cheaper. Once aged, the bourbon is then watered down to achieve the required alcohol level and obviously, the higher the proof, the more water that is needed. Distilling at a lower proof helps to maintain the natural flavour of the bourbon whisky. This is what Wild Turkey does.

Wild Turkey 101 is aged in new white oak barrels and comes out at 109 proof (ABV 54.5%). A small amount of water is therefore needed to bring it down to the required 101 proof (ABV 50.5%).

Wild Turkey is rich, full-bodied and powerful, with fantastic flavours and a surprisingly mellow smoothness.

While Wild Turkey can trace its roots back to 1869, the brand available today was not launched until 1940. In that year an executive at the Wild Turkey Distillery, Thomas McCarthy, went hunting for wild turkeys with some friends. He brought a stock of whisky with him for the trip. The following year, when planning another hunting trip, McCarthy’s friends asked him to bring more of that “wild turkey” bourbon whisky. He did one better than that – he turned the nickname into a legendary and now world-famous brand.

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Austin, Nichols Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA
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