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Singer plans to name baby after a whisky

Pink plans to name her baby after a whisky - we pick our top 5 bourbon whisky baby namesThe popstar Pink has revealed she is planning to name her baby after her favourite whisky. If the baby is a boy he will be named Jameson.

The Daily Mail says Pink has other reasons for choosing the name – something about being Irish, her father being called James, and her brother being called Jason. Pink added: “…we like whiskey. That’s a no brainer.”

Most readers of Bourbon Whisky will probably think naming a baby after a whisky is just a celebrity trying to be outlandish. But the story got us thinking – what would be the most outlandish whisky to be named after?


Here are our Top 5 boys names. We have used the surname Smith for our fictitious baby. Feel free to add your own.

1.    Bulleit Smith
•    No-nonsense name for an alpha-male destined for a career as an army general, gritty police detective or action-movie actor
•    10% chance of getting bullied at school (would have been 0%, but you cannot be sure everyone will be smart enough not to mess with someone called Bulleit)

2.    Wild Turkey Smith
•    Perfect for someone a little bit crazy, moody and unpredictable. We see rock star or racing car driver.
•    30% chance of getting bullied at school (having the middle name Turkey does have dangers but the odds are most will focus on the first name – and Wild is about as cool as it gets)

3.    Fighting Cock Smith
•    Perfect if you wish to give your child a bad-boy image from day one
•    50% chance of getting bullied at school (having Fighting as your first name is very intimidating. Having Cock as your middle name, however? That does not bode well.)

4.    Buffalo Trace Smith
•    Very mysterious with a back-to-nature charm
•    70% chance of getting bullied at school (buffalo’s are tough animals but the middle name yet again provides a lot of scope for piss-taking)

5.    Four Roses Smith
•    For the sensitive, artistic type. Would have to be exceptionally confident… and brave.
•    95% chance of getting bullied at school (unless the boy is going to school in a hippy commune in Denmark, they will be bullied if called Four Roses)


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