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Maker's Mark Blue, Yellow Wax

Maker's Mark Blue Yellow Wax bourbon whisky


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•    Limited edition collectors’ item
•    Blue, yellow wax seal
•    Smooth taste
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


This is another collectable bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky. The Maker's Mark Distillery releases many limited editions to commemorate everything from sport teams to sporting events to politics. Even the company itself does not have a definitive list of every specially-released bottle it has produced.

The bourbon inside is standard Maker’s Mark. It is made using wheat instead of rye and is aged for between six and seven years with the barrels rotating through the warehouse to enhance the aging process. The resulting bourbon whisky is slightly sweeter than most and is exceptionally smooth.

The main difference with the commemorative bottles is the wax seal. The standard seal is red wax and is unusual in itself. The commemorative bottles use different colour wax – in this case blue over yellow. We believe this is the UCLA limited edition bottle, but please check with the seller before purchasing.

If you are looking for a good bourbon whisky to drink, Maker’s Mark Blue, Yellow Wax is not for you -- just buy the standard version for a quarter of the price. This is strictly for the collector and investor. More...

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Maker's Mark Distillery, Loretto, Kentucky, USA
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