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Maker's Mark "Rock the Vote" Red, White, Blue Wax

Maker's Mark bourbon whisky Rock the Vote edition


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•    Limited edition collectors’ item
•    With red, white and blue wax
•    Smooth taste
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


Maker’s Mark “Rock the Vote” with a red, white and blue wax seal is one of the more unusual marketing initiatives we have encountered here at Bourbon Whisky.

Maker’s Mark produces a lot of limited edition commemorative bottles, usually related to sports events and teams. They make so many, in fact, they (nor anyone else really) has a definitive list of all of them.

The bourbon inside every limited edition bottle is the standard Maker’s Mark – the one with the red wax seal. The difference is in the bottle design, usually the colour used in the wax seal. The way this normally goes is Maker’s Mark seal bottles of its bourbon whisky in the colours of a sporting team who has just won a trophy. That release is popular among fans, sells well, and then becomes a collectors’ item.

The “Rock the Vote” release pushed the boundaries -- and caused some controversy -- as it is all about politics. Rock the Vote is an organisation that works to engage young people in politics by, for example, getting them registered to vote. Many of these young people are below the legal drinking age in the US.

The story behind the Maker’s Mark “Rock the Vote” is interesting, but the fact remains this has become a collectors’ item like all the other commemorative bottles from the distillery. If that is your thing and there is a bottle available in the UK, snap it up. More...

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Maker's Mark Distillery, Loretto, Kentucky, USA
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