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Jim Beam Red Stag bourbon whisky


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•    Bourbon infused with black cherries
•    Distinctive
•    Smooth and fruity
•    ABV 40%, 75cl



In a sentence, Red Stag is Jim Beam bourbon whisky flavoured with black cherries. To say it has a distinctive taste could be considered an understatement.

As you will imagine, some people hate this whisky but do not write off Red Stag too soon. Some think it is great. The cherries add a fruity taste which deliberately does not try to override the bourbon. If you are looking for something different – a change of pace – this is the perfect choice.

The launch of Red Stag was closely associated with a tie-up between the distillery and rock star Kid Rock. Jim Beam has been the headline sponsor of some Kid Rock tours as part of a marketing partnership. More...

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Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky, USA
The story
Making Jim Beam bourbon whisky * Jim Beam's seven generations of distillers


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