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Jim Beam Green Label bourbon whisky


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•    Charcoal filtered
•    Aged 5 years
•    Sweet and creamy
•    ABV 40%, 75cl


Jim Beam Green Label bourbon whisky, also known as Jim Beam’s Choice, is distinct from other brands from the distillery in a couple of ways. First, it is aged for five years which is a year longer than the standard-bearing White Label. Secondly, it is charcoal filtered before it is put in the bottle.

The resulting bourbon is more complex with a sweeter and creamier taste. This can comfortably be described as rounded with a depth that will not disappoint.

Jim Beam Green Label is not expensive but it is hard to find in the UK. It has a large following and is particularly loved as a mixer. For many, this is the best bourbon mixer on the market today. Whatever cocktail you enjoy Jim Beam Green Label is a great choice. More...

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Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky, USA
The story
Making Jim Beam bourbon whisky * Jim Beam's seven generations of distillers


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