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Jefferson's Reserve Very Old

Jefferson's Reserve Very Old bourbon whisky


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•    Very small batch
•    Aged longer than most
•    Well-refined
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old is a “very small batch” bourbon whisky from niche producer McLain & Kyne. The company uses “very” to qualify its small batch label as they blend as few as eight barrels in each bottling – other small batch bourbons could come from as many as 300 barrels.

There is no specific age label on Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old. The bourbon whisky used is likely to be of varying ages so McLain & Kyne are probably not able to give a specific number. The average is probably around 15 years though. The bourbon whisky is obviously more important to the producers than a label on the front of the bottle – and rightly so.

Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old has two distinct characteristics – it has been aged a lot longer than is typical for bourbon and it is bottled from a smaller than normal batch.

You can expect slightly varying alcohol volumes and taste characteristics because of the way it is made and bottled, but, generally speaking, it is pleasant with subtle flavours. More...

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McLain and Kyne Distillery by Castle Brands Inc., 122 East 42nd Street, Suite 4700 New York, NY, USA
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