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Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash 1

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash 1


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•    Un-aged bourbon
•    Uncut
•    Legal moonshine
•    ABV 62.5%, 37.5cl

White dog is a term used to describe whisky that is bottled straight from the still. So it is not aged and not a single drop touches a barrel. It is a bit like moonshine or poitin except it is not illegal. On the contrary, this type of liquor is becoming increasingly popular.

Micro distillers are marketing versions of un-aged whisky in order to get product on the shelves while their bourbon whisky is maturing. The corn whisky version is gaining fans after being almost extinct, while the cocktail culture is always looking for new and interesting brands to mix with.

Technically this is not a whisky and distilleries cannot use that description on their bottles. Legally distilled spirit has to be aged before it can be marketed as a whisky (except corn whisky). While the description “whisky” is not used, it is distilled bourbon before aging.

This is the offering from Buffalo Trace: White Dog Mash 1. It is made using the same low rye bourbon mash as brands like Eagle Rare and George T Stagg. It is bottled uncut and straight off the still so is strong, at ABV 62.5%.


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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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