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Buck Bourbon 8 Year Old

Buck Bourbon whisky


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•    Aged 8 years
•    Small batch
•    For the cowboy in you
•    ABV 45%, 75cl

Buck Bourbon is an eight year old small batch bourbon whisky. It comes from non-distiller producer Frank-Lin Distillers Products. They do not distil the whisky used in Buck Bourbon. Instead they buy it in.

It is unclear exactly where they are getting the bourbon from. It is a common practice for companies to purchase whisky from the big distilleries like Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam to then sell under their own labels. Buck Bourbon is slightly different in that it is aiming for a more premium market.

As well as testifying the bourbon whisky is small batch, eight years old and bottled at 90 proof (ABV 45%), the label on Buck Bourbon also claims it is “Ranch Hand Certified”. We are not exactly sure what that means but it does seem to fit with the general marketing pitch from Frank-Lin. Note the rodeo cowboy on the bottle and the old-style design.


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Frank-Lin Distillers Products Ltd, California, USA
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