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Jack Daniel's No.7 Bottled Early 1990s

Jack Daniel's No.7 whisky Bottled Early 1990s


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•    The way Jack made it
•    Higher strength than available today
•    Increasingly rare and collectable
•    ABV 45%, 70cl


This bottle of Jack Daniel’s whisky is important but not just because it is around 20 years old. It is important because you cannot buy Jack Daniel’s like this anymore.

Originally Jack Daniel and, subsequently, Lem Motlow, distilled and bottled at 90 proof. In our language, that is ABV 45%. Jack Daniel’s was made this way until October 2004 when it was officially reduced to 80 proof (ABV 40%).

In fact, the company behind Jack Daniel’s -- Brown Forman -- had been reducing the alcohol volume for years. The motivations included easier production and customer feedback.

There was a backlash however. At least one petition was started calling for the alcohol content to be increased to the original level.

In reality, Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 at ABV 40% is standard now and the vast majority of people who buy it could not care less that traditionally it was made at a higher strength.

We at Bourbon Whisky do care and that is why bottles like this are important. We are not necessarily advocating an increase in the strength of Jack Daniel’s whisky, but bottles still available at the original strength of ABV 45% are to be celebrated and cherished. More...

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Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
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Jack Daniel's is not bourbon * Jack Daniel, master distiller * Production process * Legend of Old No. 7

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