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Burn bad memories with Jim Beam

Beamfire game from Jim Beam promoting Jim Beam Black Label bourbon whiskyBeamfire.com has been about a while now, but we thought it was worth mentioning again. It is an online game from Jim Beam to promote Jim Beam Black Label bourbon whisky.

This is not your typical boring or stupidly pointless marketing trick. Jim Beam has actually come up with something quite intriguing.

Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon Whisky is aged for eight years and that is the hook for the game – “eight years is good for bourbon…and good for you, too,” the game says.

Beamfire.com is a virtual bonfire for you to burn those bad memories, experiences or decisions. It could be an image of the clothes you wore in the 90s and would prefer to forget, a bad relationship or a stupid thing you did a Christmas party. With Beamfire you can throw these things onto the virtual bonfire.

Why would you be bothered? Well, it is fun – and an interesting window on other people’s lives. You can also win prizes. The more you play, the more chances you have of winning by picking up points and badges. The top prize is $8,000.


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