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Jack Daniels Green Label whiskey


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•    Less matured Jack Daniel’s
•    Lighter and less-sweet whisky
•    Great mixer
•    ABV 40%, 75cl






Jack Daniel’s Green Label is not aged as long as the black label, Old No.7 version. It is widely regarded as the “lower-end” whisky made by the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Unusually, it is sometimes hard to find in the UK. We say "unusually" because many people actually prefer it to Old No.7.

The methods of production used in making the Green Label whisky are the same as with the distillery's other products. That means the Green Label variety does go through the famous and unique charcoal mellowing process.

The differences with Green Label start once the whisky gets in the barrel. The barrels maturing it are stored more towards the centre of the warehouses on the lower floors. In these locations, whisky matures slower.

The end result is a whisky with a lighter colour, lighter character and lighter taste. It is also less sweet so works great as a mixer. All fans of Jack Daniel’s should try a bottle of the Green Label at least once. More...

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Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
The story
Jack Daniel's is not bourbon * Jack Daniel, master distiller * Production process * Legend of Old No. 7


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