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Jack Daniel's 6 Year Old 1940s Quart Bottle

Jack Daniel's 6 Year Old 1940s Whiskey in Quart Bottle


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•    Very rare and old Jack Daniel’s
•    Original 90-proof Old No.7 in quart bottle
•    For collectors and millionaires
•    ABV45%, about 95cl (quart)


This bottle of Jack Daniel’s is for the truly serious fan or collector – check out the reassuringly expensive price tag.

It was made in the 1940s. This was around the time Lem Motlow was handing over control of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery to Lem Trolley. Prohibition was still a recent memory – it only ended in 1933. This was also the decade the distillery received recognition from the US government that its whisky was different to bourbon.

One of the remarkable features of this Jack Daniel’s whisky is the label, which closely resembles the Jack Daniel’s we buy today. This gives an idea of the history and character of the brand.

As the bottle states: “This whiskey is 6 years old.” It comes in at the original 90-proof (45% ABV), just the same as Jack Daniel himself made it -- bottling at 40% ABV is a modern alteration. Finally, the bottle is an old-style quart bottle (about 95cl).

This is a rare bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. If you own one or are about to buy it (if its available), we envy you…and would love to hear from you. More...

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Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
The story
Jack Daniel's is not bourbon * Jack Daniel, master distiller * Production process * Legend of Old No. 7

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