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Jack Daniel's 1971 Gold Medal

Jack Daniel's 1971 Gold Medal


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•  Original 1971 commemorative bottle
•  Huge bottle
•  Very rare
•  ABV 75%, 227cl (half gallon)


Jack Daniel's 1971 Gold Medal is an extremely rare and collectable bottle of Jack Daniel's. It comes with a steep price tag, however very few were made and even fewer still exist today.

It is a commemorative bottle released in 1971. The event it commemorates is the Gold Medal Jack Daniel's whisky won at the World Fair in St Louis in 1904. Jack Daniel himself went to the competition and returned home with the top honour.

Back at the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Mr Daniel decided he wanted to give a token of appreciation to those who helped him make his whisky officially the best in the world. So he created a uniquely shaped bottle, filled the bottles with Jack Daniel's, and gave them to his close friends and co-workers.

In 1971 the Jack Daniel's Distillery decided to recreate this bottle to commemorate the 1904 gold medal win. They matched the original bottle design, although they used a glass stopper instead of a cork one. The bottle the made was huge - half a gallon (about 227cl). It was filled with original Jack Daniel's Old No.7, the 1970s ABV 45% version rather than today's ABV 40%.

It was released in limited quantities and with the passage of time, less and less good quality examples survive.

In 2004, 100 years after the Gold Medal win, Jack Daniel's released a replica of the 1971 commemorative bottle. Two versions of it were released: a 175cl version for the US market; and a 150cl version for export out of the US.

But the item being discussed on this page is the original, exceptionally hard-to-get Jack Daniel's 1971 Gold Medal commemorative bottle.

If you come across one in a dusty attic it should not be difficult to find a collector prepared to part with significant cash to get their hands on it.

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 Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
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