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Jack Daniel's Barrel House 1 Summer 1994

Jack Daniel's Barrel House 1 Summer 1994 whiskey


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•  Very rare and special bottling
•  Commemorative bottle
•  Celebrate the best warehouse at Jack Daniel’s
•  ABV 47%, 75cl


Barrel House 1 is one of the oldest warehouses at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. It is built on a tall hill overlooking the distillery's grounds. The seven-storey design is believed to be ideal for maturing whisky.

This is a commemorative bottle to celebrate the heritage of Jack Daniel’s Barrel House 1. It is a very special and rare bottling, hence the collectors-level price tag. Adding to the charm is the lovely wooden box it is packaged in.

There is another wonderful fact about Jack Daniel’s Barrel House 1 Whiskey – it was the first to be legally sold at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery since prohibition was introduced in Tennessee in 1909.

If you have the means for this price tag and then the audacity to open the bottle and drink the whisky, we would love to hear from you. Most Jack Daniel’s enthusiasts can only dream of owning this bottle and we would all love to know what it is like. Use the review option below. More...

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Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
The story
Jack Daniel's is not bourbon * Jack Daniel, master distiller * Production process * Legend of Old No. 7

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