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Good whisky should only be put into beautiful glasses. It is part of the experience – pouring the whisky, looking at it rest in the glass, nosing then drinking. If the glass is not up to standard the experience can be unnecessarily tarnished. Whisky lovers know this and appreciate good-quality whisky glasses.
As gifts, whisky glasses are also great for adding that personal touch.

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•    Part of the experience – having a good whisky glass is part of appreciating whisky. Whisky glasses should be beautiful, robust and pleasant touch.
•    Personal – if you pick the right whisky glass it can be a very personal gift. Whisky glasses can be part of a theme, contain personalised messages, or be used for specific functions.

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Our Top Whisky Glasses have been carefully selected to provide you with a variety of prices and products. So there will be something for everyone.

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Top Whisky Glasses

Fishing Whisky Glass

If you are looking for a whisky related gift idea for someone who loves fishing, this is a great choice. It is a whisky tumbler with a hand-painted fishing design in black and silver. This is perfect for the fisherman out on cold, winter afternoons.

•    300ml whisky glass
•    Includes hand-painted fishing design in black and silver


Golf Ball Whisky Tumbler

This is a straight sided whisky tumbler with an oversized base. In the base is a golf ball. This is a unique whisky glass and would be ideal for golfers. It can also be personalised with a special message.

•    Whisky tumbler with golf ball design in base
•    Stylish and unusual


Whisky Nosing Glasses

This pack of six whisky nosing glasses is from The Whisky Exchange and is part of its Single Malts of Scotland range. The design of these glasses and the quality of the glass means they are perfect for sensing the aromas and flavours of whisky.

•    6 x Whisky Nosing Glasses
•    Fully experience the aroma and flavour of whisky


4 Piece Whisky Glass Set

This Orchestra Crystal Whisky Glass Set includes four 250ml tumblers. They are a very attractive whisky tumbler that has been made with good quality thick glass. They are great value for money.
It is gift boxed so is ideal as Christmas present.

•    4 x 250ml tumbler
•     Stylish design
•    Comes in a gift box


Scotch Whisky Pewter Set

This Scotch Whisky Pewter set is made in Australia by Artina. It includes a whisky decanter and two tumblers. They are both decorated with stylish pewter trimming making it unique.

This is the most expensive selection in our Top 5 Whisky glasses list, and it deserves to be so because of the quality of finish and the products included.

  • 750ml whisky decanter
  • 2 x 350ml whisky tumblers
  • Decorated with pewter trim and labelling
  • Ideal for the discerning whisky fan



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