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The best guide to whisky gifts

We have searched all over the internet to find you the Top 10 Whisky Gifts available. Our selection includes hip flasks, lighters and unique whisky gifts. We have gone for a varied selection to ensure there is something on the list your recipient will like. We have also made sure the prices of our Top 10 Whisky Gifts are varied to ensure your bank-balance will approve also. In our Top 10 Whisky Gifts, you will find your perfect Christmas present.


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•    Extra special – it is easy to buy your friends or loved ones books, DVDs or bottles of wine. Giving a whisky gift shows you have put in effort to get the perfect present.
•    Diverse – we have stylish favourites like hip flasks, as well as whisky gifts with a difference, like a pocket watch. There is also a range of prices, from under £10 to over £100.

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Our Top Whisky Gifts have been carefully selected to provide you with a variety of prices and products. So there will be something for everyone. 

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Top General Whisky Gifts

Milk chocolate whisky truffles

This is the lowest priced whisky gift in our Top 10. Single malt whisky in delicious, mouth-watering milk chocolate truffles.

Included with this whisky gift:
•    Milk chocolate whisky truffles


Hipflask pen and corkscrew set

We think this whisky gift is one of the best-value in our Top 10 list. Firstly it includes a hipflask which is made from stainless steel. Secondly there is pen which can be engraved. Finally, there is a stainless steel corkscrew. It comes in a presentation box.

Included with this whisky gift
•    Stainless steel hipflask
•    Pen
•    corkscrew


Leather hip flask

This selection is our “keep it simple” whisky gift. Sometimes less is more and it is better to just get something you know will be appreciated and used. That is why we have included a basic hip flask in our Top 10 Whisky Gift list. It is a beautiful 6oz stainless steel and leather example at a great price.

Included with this whisky gift:
•    6oz leather hip flask


Jack Daniel’s Zippo Lighter

This is the Star Buy in our Top 10 Whisky Gift list. It is a classic Zippo lighter so the quality is second-to-none. It is chrome-plated and is engraved with the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand logo. It can be kept as it is or you could have it engraved (at a small extra cost).

Included with this whisky gift:
•    Jack Daniel’s Zippo lighter


Pink Hipflask with business card holder

This selection on the whisky gift Top 10 is one for the ladies - a pink hipflask with business card holder. Both are perfect for keeping in a handbag. The hipflask is beautiful soft-baby-pink with a silver heart in the corner. It is 3oz so is the ideal size to squeeze into almost any handbag. On the front is a plaque for a personalised message. The whisky gift set also includes a business card holder.

Included with this whisky gift:
•    3oz baby-pink personalised hipflask
•    Pink business card holder


Jack Daniel’s Spirit Dispenser

This whisky gift is a Jack Daniel’s spirit dispenser that can hold a 70cl bottle. This would make a great addition to any kitchen or bar, particularly for Jack Daniel’s fans. It is well made, is easy to put together and is sturdy. It also looks good and because it is unusual, you can be almost certain to surprise.

Included with this whisky gift:
•    Jack Daniel’s Spirit Dispenser for 70cl bottles


Carp hipflask

This is the final hipflask on our Top 10 Whisky Gift list, and it is the most unusual. It is a carp hipflask. It is stainless steel so will be able to weather the cold, wet and windy winter days as well as any seasoned fisherman. It is also practical coming with an attached screw-top lid and funnel for pouring.

Included with this whisky gift:
•    Carp hipflask
•    Funnel


Jack Daniel’s engraved pocket watch

When we sat down to compile our Top 10 Whisky Gifts, the last thing we thought we would be including was a pocket watch. When we saw this one, though, we thought it was one of the most unusual whisky gifts we have encountered so it is in our Top 10. It can be personalised with an engraved message which appears on the top of the lid and it comes in a presentation box with the Jack Daniel’s logo on it.

Included with this whisky gift:
•    Jack Daniel’s engraved pocket watch



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