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Bourbon Whisky Gift Ideas – Whisky Gift Sets

The best guide to whisky gift sets and whisky gift packs

Whisky gift sets are an ideal Christmas gift solution.

Our Top Whisky Gift Sets and whisky gift packs have been carefully selected to provide you with a variety of prices and products. So there will be something for everyone. 


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•    They are unique – if you buy a bottle, it will go on the shelf beside all the others. A whisky gift set or whisky gift pack will stand out. Also, it is unlikely anyone else will have bought the same gift.
•    More for your money – buying whisky gift sets or whisky gift packs is better value for money than buying separately.
•    Wider appeal – you are not just getting one present with a whisky gift set or a whisky gift pack. You may get multiple bottles, glasses or a hip flash.
•    Ideal for the person who has everything – if the person you are buying for likes whisky, whisky gift sets or whisky gift packs will add that something special.

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Top Whisky Gift Sets and Whisky Gift Packs

Jack Daniel’s Mini Hipflask Gift Set

Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 whisky is the most famous American whisky in the world. Everyone knows what is meant by JD-and-coke. Everyone from hairy bikers to retired nurses loves this drink.

This gift set includes a 5cl bottle of Jack Daniel’s whisky plus a stylish mini hipflask. It is presented in a traditional black window tin. At the price, this gift set is great value for money.

Jack Daniel’s Tumbler Gift Set

It is great to share, particularly when it comes to a whisky. This Jack Daniel’s gift set is great for sharing and would be the ideal addition to any fan of the world famous American drink.

First there is two 5cl miniature bottles of Jack Daniel’s. Then there are two beautiful whisky tumblers and two leatherette stitched coasters. Finally, the gift set is stylishly presented in an embossed silver tin.

Balvenie Malt and double hip flask

This is a unique gift set. While many people have hip flasks, particularly whisky enthusiasts, this is something different. It is a double flask which comes with a pouch and a funnel.

This whisky gift set also comes with two miniature 5cl bottles of Balvenie whisky – the 10 year old Balvenie Founders Reserve and the unique 12 year old Balvenie Double Wood (which spends part of its 12 years in a traditional oak whisky cask before being transferred to an oak sherry cask to complete its maturation). It is all packaged in a traditional wood presentation box.

Stainless steel hip flask, pen and waiters' friend

There are three items in this whisky gift set. First, there is a stainless steel hip flask. This can be engraved with a personalised message or left blank. Secondly, there is a quality matching pen. Finally there is a waiters' friend - corksrew / bottle-opener.

This whisky gift set is part of the Harvey Mankin collection. It comes in a stylish, black faux leather box. This is ideal for someone who loves to entertain or the man who has everything.

Jack Daniel’s personalised crystal tumbler gift set

This whisky gift set provides a unique twist on the traditional tumbler presentation pack. It is personalised. Your message is engraved on the cut crystal glass tumbler. The message can be up to 50 characters long. “To the best dad in the world. Love Jane.” is only 40 characters so there is plenty of space to include that special message.

The gift set comes with a 5cl miniature Jack Daniel’s whisky to christen the tumbler and it is all presented in a silk-lined box.

Glenfiddich 3 pack

Glenfiddich is one of the most famous Scottish whisky distilleries in the world. This gift set comprises three 20cl bottles – a 12 year old, a 15 year old and an 18 year old.

Glenfiddich 12 year old is the best selling single malt whisky in the world. It is the signature bottle made by the famous Scottish distillery. Glenfiddich 15 year old is a richly layered single malt matured in three types of oak cask – sherry, bourbon and new oak. Finally, the award-winning Glenfiddich 18 year old is a premium and exceptionally smooth single malt whisky.

Bushmills 3 pack

Bushmills is one of the most famous whisky brands in the world. In this gift set you get three bottles – Bushmills Original, Black Bush and Bushmills 10 year old single Irish malt.

Bushmills Original is aged for five years and is the flagship brand from the distillery. Bushmills 10 year old is simply the best Irish single malt available. And the triple distilled Black Bush, also an award winner, would be in the top 10 lisy of most whisky drinkers.

Albannach Whisky Masterclass for two people

This is a very different and special gift supplied by supermarket giant ASDA. The tasting session at top restaurant Albannach in London is hosted by its own whisky sommelier. The whiskies sampled are New Make Spirit, The Balvenie Double Wood 12 year old, Edradour 10 year old, The Glenlivet French Oak Finish 12 year old, Auchentoshan Three Wood, Bowmore Darkest and Laphraoig Quarter Cask.

This is a great present for both expert whisky drinkers and novices who would love to know more about how to appreciate the different tastes of whisky as well as how whiskies are priced and how they are made.

Johnnie Walker with Bill Amberg luxury overnight bag

This is very special whisky gift set for the discerning whisky drinker. First of all it is a Bill Amberg Blue Label Overnighter. Bill Amberg is the famous leather goods designer renowned for amazing quality and stylish designs. This one has been matched with one of the most stylish whiskies in the world – Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the world’s most famous super-premium blended whisky and, for many, easily the best. A bottle by itself costs in the region of £150 so this gift set is perfect for all whisky lovers – a stylish designer overnight bag with one of the best whiskies in the world inside as a surprise.


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