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J W Dant 7 Year Old Bottled 1960s

J W Dant 7 Year Old bottled 1960s bourbon whisky


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•    Collector’s item
•    Bottled in the 1960s
•    Aged 7 years
•    ABV 43%


This is a bottle of J W Dant bourbon whisky that was aged four seven years and bottled in the 1960s. The brand is currently owned by the Heaven Hill Distillery.

The name J W Dant is hugely historical and significant to bourbon heritage. It all began with Joseph Washington Dant who began commercially distilling whisky in the 1830s. He used an old-time method employed by poor people unable to make or buy a copper still – he used a log still. This involved putting the fermented mash in a hollowed out log and then feeding steam through a pipe to start the fermentation process.

It was crude, but J W Dant made whisky good enough to make a living and be remembered today.

Given the history of the brand, this seven year old bottle would be a great addition to any bourbon whisky collection. When available, hurry, as it never last long. More...

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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