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George T. Stagg 2008

George T Stagg 2008 bourbon whisky


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•    Super premium
•    Limited production small batch bottled at cask strength
•    Riveting – with few equals
•    ABV 70.9%, 75cl


George T Stagg is a limited-production, small batch bourbon whisky that is bottled straight from the cask. That means it is an uncut, unfiltered and extremely strong. The 2008 release will hit your glass at ABV 70.9% - an astonishing 141.8 proof.

It is made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery and is named after the legendary 19th century distiller and businessman. The drink itself has now developed a legendary status all of its own.

The first release of George T Stagg was in 2002. It is only distributed once a year, in the autumn. It now has what can be best described as a cult reputation and following. Many of the releases have won awards and the brand itself is reported to be the favourite bourbon of the respected Jim Murray from the Whisky Bible.

As the price indicates, George T Stagg is not an everyday bourbon, and it is definitely not for novices. The marketing material charmingly describes it as an “extremely hearty whisky”. In plainer language, it is strong and is best enjoyed with a little bit of water.

George T Stagg is an unrivalled bourbon whisky that is intense, complex and marvellously exclusive. Keep it for those special occasions when only the best quality will suffice. More...

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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