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George Dickel Cascade Hollow bourbon whisky


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•    Tennessee whisky
•    Charcoal mellowed
•    Chilled before mellowing
•    ABV 40%, 75cl



George Dickel Cascade Hollow is a Tennessee whisky (as opposed to a bourbon whisky). The George Dickel Distillery, where it is made, is one of only two Tennessee distilleries -- the other is, of course, Jack Daniel’s.

George Dickel Cascade Hollow is made using charcoal mellowing. In terms of production, this is the biggest difference between a bourbon and a Tennessee whisky. To charcoal mellow the double distilled whisky is filtered through sugar maple charcoal. George Dickel adds a unique twist to the process by chilling the whisky before charcoal mellowing. This is done the same way as it was when the distillery began operation back in 1870. Its founder and namesake discovered that whisky made during the winter months was smoother than whisky made in summer. All George Dickel whisky is now chilled before being charcoal filtered.

This particular brand from the distillery is not made anymore so chances to get it are becoming increasingly rare. More...

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George Dickel Distillery, Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA
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