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Elijah Craig 18 Year Old

Elijah Craig 18 Year Old bourbon whisky

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•    Oldest single barrel available
•    Unique and distinguished
•    Excellent sipping bourbon
•    ABV 45%, 75cl


Elijah Craig 18 Year Old is the oldest single barrel bourbon whisky available on the market today. Overseeing its production is Heaven Hill master distiller Parker Beam who hand-selects the barrels. Eighteen years is an incredibly long time for a bourbon to age and then bottling it from a single barrel without any blending makes this Elijah Craig unique, exclusive and fantastically luxurious.

It takes its name from 18th century Baptist preacher Elijah Craig who is credited by many as being the father of the bourbon whisky we drink today. If not the first, he was one of the first distillers to use charred oak barrels in the aging process.

Elijah Craig 18 Year Old Single Barrel is rich and complex. As it is single barrel each bottle is a little different, adding to the intrigue.

What every bottle has in common, though, is wonderful flavour and quality. It is a remarkable drink that stands out from the crowd. You will find it difficult to get a better sipping whisky. More...

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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