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Echo Spring bourbon whisky


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•    Historical label
•    Aged 4 years
•    Sweet and great for mixing
•    ABV 40%, 75cl


Echo Spring is a four year old bourbon made by the Heaven Hill Distillery. Heaven Hill owns a number of brand names and labels representative of the history of American whiskey. Echo Spring is one of them.

It was originally the brand name of the Murphy Barber Distillery which made bourbon in Clermont, Kentucky in around 1881. It went into receivership before the property – including land, a lake, the distillery, and a quarry – came into the ownership of Gerald Everbach. Around the time towards the end of prohibition, he sold some of the land to the legendary distiller Jim Beam. Beam bought more of the property over the years, coming into full ownership in 1999.

Strangely the Echo Spring brand name and label is not owned by Jim Beam today and the distillery shows no sign of trying to buy it.

Heaven Hill bottles a good four year old bourbon whisky under the Echo Spring name. It is great value and works well as a mixer, particularly with cola. More...

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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