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Evan Williams 23 Year Old

Evan Williams 23 Year Old bourbon whisky

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•    Aged an amazing 23 years
•    Single Barrel
•    Simply glorious
•    ABV 53.5%, 75cl



Evan Williams 23 Year Old bourbon whisky is probably the best available today. It has won accolades and plaudits around the world, including the 2010 bourbon of the year from the Whisky Bible.

Starting with the obvious, it has spent 23 years in the barrel. That is a long time for any type of whisky, but for a bourbon it is extraordinary.

It is part of a family of brands that includes the second best selling bourbon whisky in the US and the only vintage dated range of bourbons on the market. It is made by the Heaven Hill Distillery and takes its name from the first man to commercially distil spirits in the United States.

Other versions of the Evan Williams brand are good -- some are very good -- but this 23 year old is astonishing. It is bottled old-style at cask strength -- 107 proof (ABV 53.5%) -- and delivers a powerful, intense and complex drink.

It is what Aston Martin is to cars -- it is not brash, it is not ostentatious, it is not bling. It is simply and quietly bloody marvellous. More...

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