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Buffalo Trace 1993 Experimental Collection

Buffalo Trace 1993 Experimental Collection bourbon whisky


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•    1993 vintage
•    Aged 17 years
•    Made from "rediscovered" barrels
•    ABV 45%, 37.5cl



A distillery the size of Buffalo Trace has hundreds of thousands of barrels of bourbon whisky aging in its warehouses. It is therefore understandable that the odd barrel gets left off the inventory spreadsheet.

During an audit Buffalo Trace found some lost barrels – old barrels – so they started checking them. One of the results is the Buffalo Trace 1993 Experimental Collection.

It is made from eight barrels of bourbon whisky from the “rediscovered” batch which were filled on 13 May 1993 after being distilled for the Old Charter brand (which was bought by Buffalo Trace). Nothing much else is known, including the proof at still or barrel entry.

What is known is the quality of the bourbon whisky produced by the marriage of these eight barrels. It is rich and creamy and heavily influenced by the 17 years and 7 months spent in the barrel.

Buffalo Trace 1993 Experimental Collection is part of a wider and expanding range of bourbon whiskies being produced by the distillery. They have developed a micro-distillery operation with its own cookers, fermenting tanks and micro still. They are using it to try things like different recipes and aging conditions.

By its very nature the bourbon whisky produced under the experimental range is very limited in terms of quantity – and the bottles are small. What’s more, Buffalo Trace 1993 Experimental Collection is more rare and limited than others in the range as it cannot be replicated.

These things add to the charm, however, which will appeal to collectors and those buying to drink alike.




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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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